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This 3 Megapixel Vandal Resistant IP Dome Camera is a feature rich camera at a very affordable price. In addition to it very high resolution, it has a motorized varifocal lens of 2.8-12mm that allows you to control the lens from anywhere. Once you mount the camera and set it in the direction you’d like it to look at, you can zoom in or out from the NVR, from a computer, or from your smartphone or tablet. At the widest setting of 2.8mm, you can expect to have a 92 degree view. When you are zoomed in all the way at the 12mm zoom length, you will have a 28 degree view and be able to discern fine detail up to 40ft away.

The 3MP video provided by this IP dome camera will blow away anything you’ve seen before. The on-board color CMOS sensor will provide a 2052 x 1536 pixels picture that allows for digital zoom even after video has been recorded. This increases the likelihood that you will be able to capture faces and relevant detail in the event of a break-in that will lead to swift prosecution of the criminals.

Let’s not forget this dome security camera is vandal resistant and has infrared night vision. You can expect the camera to see in complete darkness up to 50ft away.

For powering the camera, be sure to use one of our PoE switches, PoE enabled NVRs, or a 12V CCTV power supply. To record video we recommend using one of our IP camera NVRs.

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