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Casio MTP 1314L 7AVDF Leather Analog Watch for Women

Casio is a long time leader in the “affordable segment” of the digital watch market. The company is an increasingly active participant in the higher end quartz analog sector as well. In recent years, I have started to take note of their most affordable analogs.
This watch is lightweight and comfortable. It has a nice size to it, neither insanely oversized nor too small, and it has a crisp, uncluttered, very readable dial. It comes with a surprisingly, thick, high quality canvas band, with two zulu style metal buckles. The resin case and contrasting bezel give the watch an understated look — and the impression is less “plastic-y” than many lower end offerings. The solar cell should provide years of power without requiring a battery change (the cost of which would almost certainly be more than the watch is worth.

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